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Create works for Tohoku grandmas

What we can do now for those who suffered disasters and hardships instead of us.

In Buddhist term, “Daijukusha” means those who accepted our sufferings ,hardships and sorrows instead of us that we should intrinsically have. Avanti thinks that it’s true of those who fell victim to the Great East Japan Earthquake. We are going to face the reality with them for one to two decades in the future.

Create works for Tohoku grandmas

Project conceptTo regain the pleasure to work and the hope for the future, this is the project that mothers in Tohoku create works and support the heartfelt reconstruction for a long time.


The Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11th in 2011 took a heavy toll mostly on Tohoku region and took many people’s lives, fortune and works. It threatens their lives even now. To create “everyday works” together with those who fell victim to the disaster and create heartfelt interaction among people all over the country and children of next generation through items created there, we have started “Create works by Tohoku grandma” for the purpose of “creating jobs for the victims” from June in 2011. We have produced Tohoku grandma’s christmas ornaments. As a result, 25000 of items sold out in the initial year and we paid about 8 million yen to about 50 Tohoku grandmas as labor charge. But, in next year, it became one third of the initial year to be 8000 items. This figures may show that our memory is fading away. Now, they can accept OEM item production in addition to selling basic items of christmas ornaments, charms and Cotton babes. Avanti supports them for reconstruction and work together with grandmas in quake-hit areas eye to eye for one to two decades in the future and continues to “create Tohoku grandma’s works”.

Avanti co., Ltd.
President Chieko Watanabe

Production sites

Projects started from three places and now it spread to 8 places. They make the most of their strong skills to perform handwork.

● Iwate prefecture Kuji city
Kuji sewing team
Endo shop team
● Iwate prefecture Rikuzentakata city
Cherir workshop team co., Ltd.
● Miyagi prefecture Ishinomaki city
Miyagi Seiko team co.,Ltd
Aikawa team
Nikkori Sanpark team
● Fukushima prefecture Iwaki city
The People team
● Yamagata prefecture Tsuruoka city
Yamagata team