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Avanti’s social business has originated from three thoughts that Chieko Watanabe cherishes.This is the social business that only Avanti can achieve.

Avanti’s social business

Avanti's social business

  1. Spread organic cottons
  2. Work is motivation in life.
  3. Leave the beautiful earth to children

I saw the sound and safe way to grow organic cotton and reconfirmed how the creatures should innately be.I realized that work itself was to live and it gave vitality to myself and a lot of people. And I gave birth to my daughter. These three thoughts have produced various activities and businesses and Avanti has become called a social business company. All the activities are associated with these three thoughts. “Avanti” means “progress” in Italian. We aim to be the company that continues to progress for the earth, society and people.

Our business and projects

Create works for Tohoku grandmas

Create works for Tohoku grandmasGrandma Project

To regain the pleasure to work and hopes for the future, this is the project that mothers in Tohoku create works and support the heartfelt reconstruction for a long time.

Avanti Farm

Avanti Farmavanti farm

What is the origin to live? Learn the basics to live through agriculture originates from soil and seed.

avanti Bio marche

avanti Bio marcheavanti Bio marche

Avanti’s Bio marche nourishes rich mind through interaction of human beings and nature.

Exciting and relaxing Ekodomo private tutoring school

Exciting and relaxing Ekodomo private tutoring schoolecodomo-juku

Get back to the origin of “clothing, food and housing”. Provide “space” to relax.

Social business bases

Komoroshi eco-village

Komoroshi eco-villageKomoro Eco-Village

Avanti’s bases for interaction of cities and farming villages