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Avanti’s original brand “PRISTINE” proposes an eco-friendly and a kind lifestyle based on the concept of “everyday comfortable” as an specialized brand of organic cotton.
We carry a wide selection of items such as wears (inner wears, relaxing wears), items for babies, towel, bath goods, living room related items, soft toys, underwear and sundries. Especially for underwear and sundries, a wide range of customers from 10 to 80 years old say they can’t stop using them since it’s very comfortable to use. Also, more customers who both sent and received the gifts for babies are satisfied with them and more customers come to use our items.
PRISTINE wholesales items to specialty stores and companies.
We are highly recognized not only by Japanese shops and companies, but also by shops and companies overseas.

Please feel free to contact us about the business conditions. Please see PRISTINE online shop about the wholesale item lineups.

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Please contact the below to inquire about the wholesale. Please let us know about your desired items, budget and deadline when contacting us.

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