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Quality Criteria of Organic Cotton

Creating things of the best quality that are friendly to makers, sellers, buyers, and the global environment.

Avanti’s four Promises

  • Not genetically modified
  • Not involved in child labor
  • Protect the rights of workers
  • Do not use chemical agents

Avanti’s organic cotton is directly imported mainly from Texas,U.S., where it is harvested. (Some of them were imported from India and Turkey.) In Japan, we do not have an environment where a sufficient amount of cotton can be grown stably. Therefore, we import cotton from foreign countries, and we produce the yarn to the final product in Japan. We feel that the organic cotton from Texas has a very good quality. We only import the products which has passed the strict standard of the Department of Agriculture of Texas. Among them, the levels of quality are divided further, depending on the contamination rate of the cotton due to the leaf debris. We try to import products of the highest quality among them.

Communicating with the farmers is also essential for creating an organic cotton of good quality. Ever since the import has started from 1993, our representative, Chieko Watanabe visits the field every year to establish a relationship of mutual trust with the farmers. It is very important for farmers to know where their organic cotton will be delivered to, and what kind of products are made from them. The finished product greatly depends on whether or not they can image “the future of their daily work.” We tell farmers about our company and our products, and share the awareness of creating things together with them.