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Japan Organic Cotton Association (JOCA)

Relations with Japan Organic Cotton Association

In order to protect people and the environment, make the best effort and produce things in a sincere manner.

The original brand PRISTINE agrees with the philosophy of Japan Organic Cotton Association, and creates things based on JOCA Charter.

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Charter of Japan Organic Cotton Association (JOCA)

Cotton products that are in close contact with the people’s lives are delivered to customers with the help of many middlemen through spinning, weaving, knitting, processing, and three works of agriculture, industrial and commercial, taking a long time. Of all the processes, we make the best effort to protect the people and the environment. Through the spreading of organic cotton products, we will leave the more beautiful earth to the children.

1. We
use the raw cotton of organic cotton by managing pests and soil by the organic method using as little chemical agent as possible.

2. We
take the way with reduced load on the environment and the human body also in the manufacturing process of the organic cotton products.

3. We
should be persistent to “Made in Japan”, use the technique in Japan, and make the most use of the good quality of organic cotton.

4. We
make face-to-face manufacturing thorough, ensure traceability, and provide security and safety.

5. We
tell the goodness of organic cotton to more people, and make an effort to spread enlightenment.

What is JOCA (Japan Organic Cotton Association)?

What is JOCA (Japan Organic Cotton Association)JOCA (Japan Organic Cotton Association) started as an association to think what we should protect and what we should do through organic cotton in this 21st century, and take action. It is an association contributing to the preservation of the global environment with the spread of cultivation of organic cotton and the method of minimizing the environmental stress on its production process.

About Organic Family Cotton Tag

About Organic Family Cotton TagAvanti is a member of Japan Organic Cotton Association. Its original brand PRISTINE was made by taking advantage of Japanese technology and sensibility in a way that is friendly to people and the environment, with the aim of spreading organic cotton based on JOCA Charter. The tags proving its firm safety and security are attached to all products before delivering to you.

In 1993, our representative, Chieko Watanabe established “Japan Texas Organic Cotton Association”, with the cooperation of nine domestic textile enterprises, and came in the board chairman. In 2000 it was promoted to “NPO Japan Organic Cotton Association (JOCA)”, and she came in the vice chairman. She uses all her strength for the enlightenment and spreading of organic cotton products that are relied by consumers. JOCA is aiming to increase the production of organic cotton by 10 percent, and spreading production methods and recycling system friendly to the earth. It is our action assignment to carry out activities that contribute to conservation of the global environment in

For more information about Japan Organic Cotton Association, refer to the official site.

 Japan Organic Cotton Association (JOCA)