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Cultivation Diary of Organic Cotton

Assure reliable quality.

Carefully grown using the farming methods that do not go against the law of nature.

Avanti imports strictly selected organic cotton from all over the world. Of course, every field clears the strict criteria. Organic cotton has been cultivated in the field, free from pesticides or organic fertilizer for more than three years. Cow munuer is used as an organic fertilizer for the soil of organic cotton field. This makes it rich with bacteria, and the soil will become soft with a lot of nutrition. The farmer touches the soil, smells it and sometimes licks it. He always checks if the soil is healthy. For the farmer, managing soil is also the most important work. In addition, we don’t allow any kind of cotton seed to be genetically recombined. This is because unlike selective breeding, gene recombination is a technology to create a new species of living organisms. We are always thinking about the future of the earth, aiming for the share of organic cotton share tol become 10% of the cotton in the whole world.

The following is a cultivation diary of organic cotton.

The following is a cultivation diary of organic cotton.