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Artists T-shirt Business

Brand conceptWe want to leave a clean planet for the children.
An artist collaboration project which started in 1995.


“T-shirts of 100 artists” is a project aimed to spread the enlightenment of orgaic cotton.

The production of organic cotton is only about 1 percent of the production of raw cotton in the world.
“We at least want to make a production of this organic cotton to 10 percent. We want to leave the clean earth for children.”
100 active artists from around the world who has agreed on this thought had participated in this activity as volunteers.
We are hoping that the spreading activity of organic cotton will contribute to the preservation of the earth.
This Artist T-shirts project has started in 1995, and the number of artists reached 100 in 2013, which was our target.
Proceeds of Artist T-shirts are used for funds for the enlightenment and spreading activity of organic cotton.

For more information about Artist T-shirt, click here.

For more information about Artist T-shirt, click here.

*This activity is sponsored by Japan Organic Cotton Association (JOCA).