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“Made in Japan” and “Face-to-Face Manufacturing”
High-quality organic cotton starting from making yarns is our advantage that no other company has.

About Our Cotton

Cultivation Diary of Organic Cotton

Cultivation diary

The following is a cultivation diary of organic cotton.

Quality Standard of Organic Cotton

Quality criteria

What we are continuing in order to assure a promising quality

Persistence to

made in Japan

The technology of the textile industry that Japan has cultivated over the long years is absolutely necessary to support safety and security.

Japan Organic Cotton Association (JOCA)

Japan Organic Cotton Association (JOCA)

Avanti is a member of Japan Organic Cotton Association.

Original Brand


Organic cotton brand “PRISTINE” particular about “made in Japan”

We don’t look after too much or too little for the comfortable life.PRISTINE is the organic cotton brand close to your life.

Artist T-shirt

Convey the organic cotton to the world with 100 artists.

To Corporate Customers

Selling of Original Cloth

Selling of Original Cloth

We appreciate the history of Japan’s textile industry, and deliver organic cotton cloth to everyone every day.

Original Equipment Manufacturing / Novelty Manufacturing

Original Equipment Manufacturing / Novelty

We invite you to make an original organic cotton item with us

Wholesale of organic cotton products


To corporate customers who wish to handle Avanti products