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Organic Cotton Business

We produce and sell the original brand “PRISTINE”, and sell original cloth.
The keywords are “Made in Japan” and “Face-to-Face Manufacturing”.
High-quality organic cotton starting from making yarns is our advantage that no other company has.

Organic Cotton Brand Produce

Persistent to “Made in Japan”
Organic Cotton Brand

We don’t look after too much or too little for a comfortable life.
PRISTINE is the organic cotton brand close to your life.

Selling of Original Cloth

We produce organic cotton cloth that has been refined depending on the season, and propose it to our customers.

Original Equipment Manufacturing / Novelty

We produce OEM (original equipment manufacturer) selling organic cotton yarns, cloth, and products depending on the requirements of customers.

Social Business

“I want to make organic cotton popular.” “Work is a motivation in my life.” “I want to keep our planet clean for the children.” The social business of Avanti was
born from “three wishes” cherished by Chieko Watanabe.

Social Contribution through Organic Cotton

Tohoku Grandma Project

Projects for Creating Jobs of the Affected Areas

Exciting, relaxing Ekodomo private tutoring school

Let the modern children learn the origin of “Food, clothing and housing”.

Avanti Farm

We want to make the soil around the world healthier.

Avanti Bio Marche

Avanti’s Marche (market) for the realization of “Four benefits”.